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JBI Dialogues

Journal of Bioethical Inquiry

JBI Dialogues is presented by the Journal of Bioethical Inquiry as a multidisciplinary space to connect academic, professional, and community voices in conversations about ethical, legal and social issues arising in health care, the health professions and the biological sciences. JBI Dialogues involves our contributors, readers, and the editorial team, extending the work of the journal with exchanges of ideas about its published research and emerging issues and practices in bioethics. The JBI is an interdisciplinary forum for debate and analysis; a place for those engaged in bioethics working in or across disciplines, including anthropology, bioethics, cultural studies, disability studies, economics, environmental sciences, feminism, LGBTQI studies, history, law, linguistics and discourse analysis, literature and literary studies, philosophy, psychology, public health and epidemiology, social theory, theology and religious studies, and more. Visit us at bioethicalinquiry.com